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    Cherry Barbs Be Floatin'

    I feed my fish a wide veriety, including flakes (Not too often), MANY veggies (Peas, Cucumbers, and spinach), live food (Mostly bloo worms, an for the big guys earth worms AND brine shrimp) and frozen food too!
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    Cherry Barbs Be Floatin'

    Hey guys back but this time around I don't have tips or anything, more like I need help. So about a month ago I bough 7 Cherry Barbs (3:4 males) for my 75 gallon planted aquarium. An recently began conitioning hem so I can bree them, and I believe one is prego (Yes the souce). But wier thing is...
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    Need A Name For This Gentleman!

    Eita-kun, lets make him a rare namer!
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    Need Help With My Platy

    Probably having teritorial problems, put in some more plants an try maybe live food. If it doesnt work try erm... changing 50% of the water. Might just be bad water chemistry...
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    My Tank Journal.

    Where them pics at?
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    My Freshwater Kingdom

    Wow! I love it! Nothing better than a great pay off anfter working hard on something so cool, 'eh? I'd recomend some nice java moss on it will make it a fream come true! Anyway I see you need a new lighting fixture... let me dig up some info... *Begins digging in the...
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    My Freshwater Kingdom

    Where are the pics bro? Btw looking good withe those slates! :D
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    Crushed Lava Rock For Filter?

    Well, using lava rock as a decoration is a great idea but... filter media? Seems kinda wild and so I actually tried it ona 5 gallon shrimp planted biotope and well... no change, not worth wasting time with it. Stick to good old active carbon and other recommended media, nothing fancy. 
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    Brown Algae!?!?!?!

    That just won't do, even if it does only for a short while. BUT if you get sometihng like excel Flourish by seachum you'll keep em far from your aquarium (algae that is) and your plants will flourish, no need for fance proccedures. worked like a charm for me.
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    My Planted 75 Gallon :)

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    Is My Sea Hare Dying?

    That ise definately a good sign, as I said before I'm not 100% sure, so keep your hopes up and all shoud go well.
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    Post Your Favorite Fish Picture!

    Thanks same to you! :D
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    Oh Great. Need Advice.

    It did for me. got rid of it in a flinch ofcourse with some water changes to get rid of the babies.