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    krib n fry

    very kool , more pics!!
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    Adrinal's FW Tanks

    FOTM nomination x 1 for the boesman rainbow fish :kewlpics:
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    Pics with new camera

    opaline gouramis FOTM nomination x 1 :D :thumbs: kool
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    Bettas in community tank

    :lol: lol nice story :thumbs:
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    Bettas in community tank

    so far i havn't had any problems with my betta and mollie male :D
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    sorry to disserpoint u, but u wont even be able to fit one oscar into a 50 gallon tank. i think 75 gallon is the smallest you can have. hmmmmmm i would look for more smaller cichlids u can median sized cichlids but not huge ones :D and remember oscars grow reallly quickly and need super...
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    Oscar and Betta story

    lol nice little storys :D :thumbs:
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    flashy gup

    Fotm nomination x 1
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    kool oscar can we have more pics! :D :kewlpics:
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    OMG I have Breed MAGIC fish!!!!!!!!

    FOTM for the second pic lol :D
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    Käähkä, a brother of Kelli

    :D defintly BOTM materail, lovely betttas and i would also like to say i liekd and voted for ur banner designs, they were really good :kewlpics:
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    My 125 reef, step by step setup

    very kool tank!!! good progress :D
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    Lyretail Pregnant Guppy

    I personally wouldn't call the female baland it looks quite pretty really and it defintly the correct female for that male as they are both familar. :D :thumbs: don't see the sowrds on the female though :D
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    my favorite swordtail

    nope it not pooing cos its coming out of if stick (gopodeim or whatever) the thing they use to make babies. is often elongated when long fin varieties of swordtail are bred. it can't have kids easily though but are normally breeaa for there pretttiness :D hope that made sense and was useful :D
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    And the Winners are..............

    shame -_- i agree it doesn't give peeps with small tanks a chance at all!!! :crazy: but then again fresh mike seems to win everything anyway lol :D ur too dam good!!!!! :rofl: