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    sorry for your loss
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    new kitten

    I would like to nom the last picture
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    A Parrot fish I drew

    Amazing!! I should commision you to do one of my silver dollars. That simply look wonderful!
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    Help my fish are dying

    I'm sorry but i'm going to have to disagree with you while Zebra Danios are indeed a hardly fish they can like all fish be killed by large amount of ammonia and nitrate in the tank. Also overfeeding can cause an amonia spike as well. While I'm not saying it may have been other underlying...
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    Help my fish are dying

    What are your tanks water readings? Also try a search on doing a fish less cycle. Take a little bit longer. Cost alot less than replacing fish. AND best of all NO DEAD FISH! Try giving us a little more infromation about where you are in the cycle and how big is this tank?
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    can a mod move this to the approperiate area? Isolate the infected fish in a seperate tank so that the infrection does not spread to other healthy fish. Do a water change on the orginally tank. If your sure that it if a fungal infection use Pimafix as directed on the bottle for you size of tank...
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    There are a couple of different colours of khulis a few of mine are rather almost pink in color and the others are a darker orange/brown besides from color they look identical could be just the breeding. Althought I do belive there are two different types (varied by the number of bands on their...
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    Odessa Barbs

    I also have had odessa barbs for a long time, I had group of four initally found they were a bit fin nippy added three more (one died on the way home) and now they are a wonderful friendly group of six. I personaly in my travels recomend a group of six or more as they are more active, and they...
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    87 might be a bit high for your neons try lowering it to around 84 which will still be high enough to kill off any free floating ick in that stage of your tank. Using carbon after you've finished medicating your tank isn't a bad idea as the carbon will take out the meds. You should have no...
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    I have 2 of the most beginner questions ever

    I live in Manitoba and we have a bit of a problem resently with the Devil Lake deversion so alkalinity has been constantly in our news for the past the year. My boyfriend who is bio eng. thought it had to do with the measure of ph as well so dont' feel to alone lol
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    fast fish

    I actually disagree with durbkat a bit. It is not nessarly that your fish are unhappy some fish, such as silver dollars for example, are simple fish that are continual scared stupid. However I do agree on the point it that it may be due to not enough hidding spaces, but I have continually seen...
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    I have 2 of the most beginner questions ever

    Alkalinity is a measure of the buffering capacity of water, or the capacity of bases to neutralize acids. Measuring alkalinity is important in determining a stream's ability to neutralize acidic pollution from rainfall or wastewater. Alkalinity does not refer to pH, but instead refers to the...
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    Silver Dollars Darker Tail Edge?

    The silver dollars I'm keeping around 4 years old and a little under 6" and for the past year or so they have developed a black edging on the caudal. The younger two maybe 7 months or so and about 3" do not display this. And more resently they appear to have what I'm guessing is an uneven slim...
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    hardy fish

    Have you thought about barbs? Odessa Barbs are colourful and fairly hardy I have never lost any of these buggers even in an over the weekend filter break down and they are not fin nippy.
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    I have BETTER Pictures

    Shouldn't these be posted on the pictures section of the forums?