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    Vallisneria Spiralis Wanted

    Hi, My sons newly setup Musk turtle tank needs some more plants but funds arn't great as just brought all the turtle gear etc.   I'm after some Vallisneria Spiralis around 20 I guess to try hide the filter and heater area.   Also if anyone has any other cuttings or plants there swapping out...
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    Siamese Algae Eaters,bristle Nose Pleco

    I have 3-4 siamese algae eaters all really playfull and active. There about 3 inches long. I'm open to offers or will let them go free if not much interest? I also have a 2-3 inch long bristle nose pleco. Not going to let this go for free but would be open to offers around £6 Location=...
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    Cherry Shrimp

    Can I ask a question as I would love to have some of these in my 250ltr planted tank but not sure if they would get on with my fish or not. I have 5 neon tetra, 4 Discus and 3 Siamese Algae eaters Plus maybe a Giant Betta If I can get hold of one. My neon have never been eaten or bothered at all...
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    Breeding Pair Of Koi Angel Fish

    Hi, I have 2 Koi Angel fish who have paired of and had fry several times now and getting more successful each time. The male ate the last bath after they were a week old. I have no space/time to bring up fry. But the angel fish seem intent on having baby's every 2 weeks which is upsetting the...
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    Hi, Thanks for your reply. I know the Clown loaches and Angels do grow quite big eventually but I have plans on getting a 6ft tank in a year or 2. There all very young atm so hopeing the tank isnt to over crowded?? I have been told Clown Loaches grow really slow.?.? And you say to many Angels...
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    Wanted: Apple Snails, Limnophila Aromatica, Red Tiger Lotus Lily

    opps, hope i didnt put he in the thread reply to her...
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    Wanted: Apple Snails, Limnophila Aromatica, Red Tiger Lotus Lily

    I would if this forum would let me pm :S, I left a message on a thread she* has about apple snails :thumbs:
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    Wanted: Apple Snails, Limnophila Aromatica, Red Tiger Lotus Lily

    Wanted: Apple Snails, Limnophila Aromatica, red tiger lotus lily Age and condition: Larger the better Quantity for sale: n/a Reason for Sale:n/a Delivery or Collection: Delivery aless lives in Sussex Sales price:??? Postage & Packaging:??? Location: Haywards Heath, West Sussex Photograph: n/a
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    Hello, This is my first Tropical Fish Tank and enjoying it alot so far. This is a list of current Fish/Setup 4ft Jewel 250litre tank Tetratec Ex1200 Eheim air pump Heater Carribsea eco complete substrate Bog wood Lots of Plants 6x Angel Fish 5x Clown Loaches 12x Neon Tetras 1X Red Tail Black...
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    Large Amount Of Young Amazon Frogbit -floating Plants

    Also intrested in some if any1 is donating?? prepared to pay postage using paypal etc
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    Apple Snails -10=£4 , 100 =£25 Posted

    Hi, do you have any snails still? larger the better.
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    Tonnes Of Plants For Sale

    Intrested in the large moss ball if you could give me the the least you would accept inc postagec
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    Mature Media Needed!

    Surely some kind person near me is cleaning there mature filter out this weekend and willing to spare a little bit for me??? :fish:
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    Mature Media Needed!

    Livestock/Equipment make-model-size/Wanted/Exchange/Plants: Mature Media Age and condition: Mature Disease Free Quantity for sale: enough to help kick start my cycle in my new Tetratec ex 1200 Reason for Sale: n/a Delivery or Collection: I drive so can pick up or meet Sales price: Free would be...
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    Mature Media Wanted If Anyone Close To Me?

    After some mature media if anyone has any they could spare and lives failry close to me?? Haywards Heath, West Sussex.