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Anyone Else Use Fungus Eliminator Before?

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Posted 29 September 2004 - 04:36 AM

Hello I just noticed a couple of my fish had come down with a bit of fin rot I tryed using melafex for a week and the situation got better on a few and worse on others.
So I took a trip down to walmart and took a look at what they had. Not a heck of alot of selection but their cost is 50% less than any of the LFS I belive the fish have a fungul version of fin rot as the infected area is white around the tips.
After looking at a few products I picked up a product called Fungus Eliminator -clears serious funus & bacteria fast, so stated.
On the back reads:
Clears cotton fungus, red sores, gray skin, fish bloat, "fin and mouth rot", white flim on eyes, red streaks on fins and swim bladder disease.
Sounded alright and worth a shot.
The active ingredients are : sodium cloride, nitrofurazone, furaolidone, potassium dichromate.

So I followed the directions to the tea and the only thing I couldn't do was remove the carbon from the filter since I have a bio wheel and another per packaged filter.

The water is a very green yellow and when I mean green yellow I mean like it looks like a halloween tank. :crazy:

I should have asked a head of time but I foolishly just went to the store. Has anyone else used this product before and had similar results with water and good results with fish?

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Posted 29 September 2004 - 05:37 AM

I've been doing alot of searching on google and this is the only product review I actually found and it's leaves me a bit distrubed

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Posted: 4/18/02 11:59 pm
Re: White fuzzy substance on fins
I'm having the same problem. THe Melafix didnt work so I used the Jungle fungus stuff. It completely wrecked my whole tank cycle so *definitely* do not use it! I think I'm going to use the blue method too.
~ Jenny~ and my babies Right? Meeko Buck

I have cories in that tank as well are any of the active ingredients that I mentioned perviously going to cause harm?

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