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Female Betta Bubbles

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#1 VulcanNinja


    Fish Crazy

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Posted 12 September 2004 - 08:47 PM

Just got a female betta yesterday, and she's blowing bubbles already! I know that bettas blow bubbles when they are happy, but do females do it more often than males??

#2 willywonka099



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Posted 12 September 2004 - 09:31 PM

No, I'm not an expert oin betta (yet) :shifty: but i got my first breeding pair yesterday !! :D but i left them together (in their dixie cups) b/c i didnt have them in tanks until i got home today but the male had built a bubble nest already and this morning had released sperm !!! ??? :P i assume you know this but male bettas build a bubble nest and betta will blow bubbles for sheir enjoyment

#3 Sandusky



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Posted 13 September 2004 - 12:20 AM

Females blow bubble nests for the same reasons as males, not sure if they do it more per say. One reason, they are happy with their home, food, owner ect., or two, they are sick and need attention A.S.A.P. Your' girlie is most likely really happy with her new home. :)

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