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Dwarf Gourami With Hole In The Head Disease?

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Posted 05 February 2012 - 02:27 AM

Hey all!

I've had my 10g aquarium tank set up for about 5 months now, and about 2 months ago introduced a Dwarf gourami (and shortly after, about a week introduced two corydora catfish).

Fully planted, Excel and cheap co2 system +nutrients for plant upkeep, and 25% water changes every week to control nitrates and ammonia.

Dwarf gourami has been fine up until the last two weeks. Last week, I noticed a patch on top of his head that was black-ish, where it looked like he had rubbed scales off his head. I have a plastic pagoda in the tank where he frequently goes in and out of to snatch food from the cories (and is not entirely made for gouramis) so i thought it might have been an injury from that. Added a bit of aquarium salt (not too much because of the cories) and the spot seemed to get better, returning to a blue-tint.

However just today while i was feeding him, I noticed a multitude of pin-holes all over his face, and his spot is back to being black again. Researched it online and it sounds like it could potentially be a bacterial disease.

He is very active, and still has quite a good appetite.

FOOD details:

Tetramin Flakes, baby shrimp, and (when he can get them) granules
Top Fin freeze-dried bloodworms
Hikari sinking wafers (for my cories, but as you can see in the pics he enjoys them too!) They contain vitamin C , Spirulina, silkworm, and krill.

I vary with their food, and feed them twice a day.

Tank details

PH- 7.2-7.5
Ammonia: 0ppm
Nitrites: 0ppm
Nitrates: 20ppm (currently battling algae problem)
KH: 80ppm
GH: 60ppm

I've also attached pictures below, they're taken with my Iphone since my camera is dead, sorry!

Note: The water circulation in my tank could be better. I have a large piece of driftwood that impedes the water from circulating quickly around one corner of the tank. Hoping the new bubble Co2 system i'm setting up will help (as i plan on putting it in that corner)

Also note, corydoras are healthy and fat, no ailments on their part!

I hope you guys can give some insight on what he might have before I freak out and start treating him for something he doesn't have. thanks a lot!

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