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Black Spots

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#1 Ceres


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Posted 02 February 2009 - 03:44 AM

I'm new to fish keeping and I've tried looking this up on google but I couldn't find anything that remotely looks like what is wrong with my platies.. I first noticed it on one of my male platies on his side just behind his eye a little ways, an oval shaped black spot.. He's a Mickey Mouse platy that is gray and black so at first I thought it was part of his coloring but then I noticed two more black spots on his anal(?) fin. I assume it's ich but I want to be sure.. The reason is because a week or so ago I had purchased two females from Wal-mart and only an hour after putting them in the tank just like it says on the websites I have looked up and advice I've received, one female convulsed and died! We took her back to Wal-mart and received a new female, but I am worried she brought disease into my tank.. Now that I look at the remaining female from my first trip to Wal-mart she has black spots on her as well, which was hard to see at first because she has the same coloring as the male.. There is only one fish out of my five that doesn't have at least one dark spot..

They are all active and eating well, but what concerns me are the male and the female I mentioned.. The male today gave me a scare when he flipped upside down like he was dead.. But then again he could have been avoiding the aggressive male I have in the tank who is healthy as a horse! As for the female she is rubbing against things..

I have purchased a medication and already put it into the tank according to the directions on the bottle.. It says that if it is ich that it requires three treatments.. So I need to know, does this sound like ich? And what more should I do? The only other tank I have besides this 10 gallon is a 2.5 gallon and I fear that is too small to put them into until this one is free of ich.. I'm not entirely sure how to prevent them from catching it again!

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Posted 02 February 2009 - 08:31 AM

Black spot's is not Ich. Ich is commonly called white spot got a good reason as it's white. ;)

How long have you had the tank running?
What other fish u have?
can u get any photo's?
Could be just colouration?

#3 Ceres


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Posted 02 February 2009 - 04:32 PM

That is what I thought because I had goldfish a few years ago that when I returned from vacation I found my mother didn't change their water at all and they HAD ich. It was white.. I will post some pictures tonight. They aren't very good as my platies are very quick! But the pics I uploaded on my husband's computer and he has the darned thing password protected. :P

For now everyone is acting okay still. No one is acting lethargic. I just have the two fish that are shy and always hiding somewhere at the bottom under plants or the pagoda which is normal for them.

The tank has been running for 3 weeks by the way. There are only platies in this tank. At one point 2 weeks ago there were two male guppies in the tank but my aggressive male platy may have killed them. I decided after that to try look up why he was aggressive and got more females for the tank.

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Posted 02 February 2009 - 04:47 PM

Perhaps diplopstomiasis, commonly called black spot or black ich.

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